To be a Dragon

To be a dragon
you do not need a hoard
of gems and gold,
you need not live in darkness,
dank and cold.
You need no fire to fry
a maiden sacrifice,
nor wings to take you
round the mountains in a trice,
large scaly wings;
but you do need to be believed in.

To be a knight
you do not need a steed
with mane, cloud white;
no lance of oaken strength
or sword, steel bright.
You need no armour black or royal blue,
nor poems that re‑tell how,
with courage, you filled an early grave;
but you do need to be brave.

To dwell in a world
of legend, myth and fairy‑land,
you do not need a goblin grove
or elf‑rune staff held high
in moonlit hand;
no wizard’s art nor pixie look,
you need only a friendly chair
and the magic of a book.

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